I love food

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I’m watching a korean drama called pasta haha

I want to hug everyone and feed them pasta. 

I keep on thinking I want to move to Toronto but then I think about my best friend and I WILL MISS HIM SO MUCH :(

My goal soon as I turned this laptop on: DOWNLOAD MUSIC

but all I’ve done is watched a random tv show on netflix called Pasta and now I’m looking at pictures of food. 

and I would really like pasta right now.

Earlier today I was on a bus and I was coughing and this women actually shushed me. I started coughing louder and louder, she got up and moved. HAHAHAHA. 


secretlifeofbee on Instagram


secretlifeofbee on Instagram

I’ve also been at my best friends almost every week playing video games. I can’t wait to get a new computer :(

Damn haven’t really been on here as much. Work is crazy busy :O

One song can actually change my entire mood so much ahhh.